Cantilever Rack Systems from A & A Surplus provide heavy duty storage solutions for long items such as lumber, carpet, pipe, wire, and more !
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Cantilever Rack: An Economical Choice

Maintaining a warehouse is expensive, so warehouse managers must do everything they can to ensure the warehouse operates efficiently.

One of the first considerations of warehouse space is the best way to store the products inside, including what type of pallet rack to buy. Every item in the warehouse should be easy to arrange, locate, and obtain. Boxes are relatively simple to store since they are stable on a variety of surfaces. However, if you’re dealing with long, cumbersome items, cantilever rack is usually the best choice.

Does your warehouse stock sheets of metal or planks of wood? How about plumbing pipes or mattresses? Many companies have successfully opted for cantilever rack to store their oddly shaped merchandise. Some cantilever racks are constructed especially for a certain type of merchandise, for example, furniture cantilever racks.

The “Christmas tree” theory behind cantilever rack is what makes it so appealing. There are three main parts to the cantilever rack concept:

  • Uprights: vertical columns in the back that are bolted to a base
  • Arms: strong “limbs” extending out from the uprights
  • Braces: the hardware holding the arms, uprights, and base together

Using these three components, the cantilever rack is able to hold a heavy load without any front column at all. The front of cantilever rack is left completely open, resulting in these cantilever rack advantages:

  • Easy, fast loading and unloading
  • Every storage slot is immediately visible and accessible
  • Any type of load can be stored, from rolls of carpet to boxes
  • Stores more items in a smaller space
  • Gives you more handling clearance
  • It’s open to accommodate sprinkler systems
  • Reduces employee injury and product damage
  • You’re able to add arms and uprights as needed

Cantilever rack is one of A&A Surplus Inc.'s specialties. Call us at 1-800-826-5326 and our material handling experts will advise you on which pallet rack option is best for your warehouse.